Building a brand

I am sure there are thousands of articles on this topic online, and even many meters of books on this topic. Probably because it is an important one, but also a difficult one. It is especially difficult when it is yourself that is the brand – it is soul searching on a higher level.

Things that hit me are:

  • I want to use a name that is easy to remember
  • I want it to be obvious that it reflects to me
  • Is photographer, visual artist, artist, photography, landscape photographer etc titles I want to use ?

For me it started as I wanted to create a business card. When I am out shooting it would be a good thing to just hand a card – because as of now isn’t an URL that people remember until they get home.

I think however I will go with “Leif Hegdal – Photographer”

My name has to be the best brand name I can go with?