So I have done it again. I have traveled. Well that happens all the time. I always have more or less the same gear in my camera bag when traveling and there has never ever been a problem with it.
I travel with camera gear: Canon 1D mark IV, Canon EF 16-35mmF4L IS, Canon 50mm F1.2L, a bunch of Lee filters like big and little stopper, remote shutter release, and other cables.
Else I had sun-glases, medications, bose headphones, a book, 15″ laptop and a sweather.
I have been to and from Europe and USA, within the US and within Europe several times, never any problem. Until last Sunday when I was flying from NYC to Graz in Austria. Checked my luggage and even upgraded my ticket I got the question about the weight of my carry on luggage, he wanted me to weigh it and it came on around 9 or 10kg, and he then wanted me to check it. There is nothing in that bag I want to check, I have it in my carry on because I don’t want it to be damaged in the suitcase or lost.  As some of you may have asked where I have my tripod, yes that is in the suitcase. I take a chance on that being there.
Before the situation got to him bringing the subject further I asked him, ” I can have a camera hanging around my neck when I enter the plane ” He said that is correct. Took my camera out with the 16-35mm lens attached and took out the sweater too. Added it back to the weight. Now less than 8kg and suddenly the whole problem was gone.
I am so amazed. How is this possible an issue, if I have it outside or if I have it in the bag?
When you are a traveling photographer be aware of how you can travel to make it easier for you.

Storm is coming

I am not really a fan of photos taken with a mobile camera. My biggest concern isn’t that it is a camera in everyones hand, but more the fact that the photos are not really that great unless they are presented at that screen or as a tiny web image.

On the other hand is todays DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras totally overkill for most usage, you will never really need 20+ Megapixels for presenting a 72dpi photo in normal resolution online.

Nevertheless it isn’t really the camera, it is the one taking the shots. Some days I was out doing a different activity then photo, and the weather changed fast and turned out to be a storm with thunder and lighting in the horizon. As I was playing golf, I was really hoping it would stay away. And fortunate it never got closer.

storm  storm II

Selfie  storm III




Not my best genere. I feel that if I take photos of people I invade their lives, even though the expectation of privacy should be rather slim out in the streets. As I also have a rather bulky and large camera rig I do not come off as a random tourist either, and I tend to get reactions; Some very positive and some negative.

Well enough excuses.

into the street

What street-photography is very useful for is to learn yourself to see interesting moments, and then to frame them. To be able to talk to people and make them help you creating the expression you want to.

In the one below it was a street musician who for the easter occasion had taken on ears.


Ballet audition

I had the pleasure of being able to test something outside my comfort zone as a photographer in the beginning of January. My fiancé is Director & Choreographer of Libertina Dance Company and she invited me to view the audition for new ballet/contemporary dancers for a coming performance of the company.

It was almost as shooting birds. Very easy to shoot shots of sitting or stretching dancers, rather difficult to get good shots of dancing. Since this then again was inside it requires either fast shutter-speed or high ISO, or creativity like paning, etc.

Here are some of the shots I think went okay and are not among the once where everyone is standing still.


Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition
Libertina Dance audition

Outdoor recreation year II

Back in september I took photos at an event in the “Outdoor recreation year 2015”, where the Crown Prince and his daughter visited local scouts in the forrest. Now the Norwegian Guides and Scout Association have released their new edition of the members magazine “Speideren”. My photos are published together with the text of the journalist.



Iceland – The Saga Island Part II

Iceland – The Saga Island Part II

Now I am back home from a weekend on Iceland. My first comment is that it is an amazing place on earth. The landscape is like never seen before; Very much affected of being an Volcanic Island, placed far up north with strong wind, strong currents in the ocean and a place where the weather shifts fast.

There where layers of clouds with the sun behind it, there where mountains and hills, there where flat landscape as long as the eye could see. I have no problem understanding why painters like Odd Nerdrum and others find this place to be inspiring.

One thing is for sure I want to go back, and then I will use time to wander in the wilderness, and be there several days exclusive for photography


This weekend I didn’t get the chances for that, so most of my photos from this weekend are taken trough a bus window, which sadly makes the great moments from landscapes useless for anything else then dreaming of this magnificent place and to remember why I should go here again.

On the first day of the weekend we visited the Bobby Fisher Center and the blue lagoon. The Chess Center was interesting, it is however more coined towards the climate in which he played and why he moved to Iceland instead of his achievement and development as a player. The Blue lagoon was not so great, an expensive tourist trap I would call it. You bath in warm water, that is actually spill water from a geo-thermal power plant. So it is a warm bath in a very salty water.

Bobby Fisher


The experience of this day was the view back and forth with the bus to and from these places. The stop at some springs, these where special as there was a lot of different colours, based on the minerals of the ground. With a strong Sulphur smell in the air.

iceland II

In regards to my camera equipment I didn’t use the Canon EF 70-200mm F4L lens this weekend either. Perhaps if I stop bringing it I will have use for it ?

I used the some of the filters, and shot many of my photos with the gradient ND filters, as the sky was much brighter then the ground and many of my photos ended up being in the direction of the sun.

Iceland IV

We also had a stop at a interesting beach, where I took some photos with Lee Big Stopper and tripod.

Iceland III

Iceland was a great experience. And as stated above I will be back.

Iceland V

Outdoor recreation year

In Norway we are into the “Outdoor recreation year”. In whole 2015 it will be marked with different arrangements to point out how amazing it is to be outdoors. His Majesty Crown Prince Haakon is the high protector of this year long happening. He had chosen a few activities he wanted to visit and one of them where The Norwegian Guide and Scout Association.

This beautiful autumn day in early september, the 7th, the weather was good and temperature around  18-19 degrees Celsius. 30 scouts where there to teach the the Crown Prince and his daughter about scout activities. They where to make a meal on a camp fire.

The view the day of the happening - Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L, 1/125s, f5,6, ISO 100
The view the day of the happening – Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L, 1/125s, f5,6, ISO 100

I was here to take pictures for the Scout Association to be used for magazine later this autumn, the website and for other publications. It was a well arranged photo session. In addition to us from the Scouts, me and a journalist, there were TV teams from NRK and TV2. NTB had one who filmed and a photographer and the local newspaper budstikka had a journalist and a photographer. The communications office of the castle had arranged for us to be transported up in a car, have 30 minutes to take pictures and then be transported down again. Giving a different perspective to work with.

Crown Prince Haakon is interviewed by the press. Canon 40D, Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L, 1/320s, f7,1, ISO 1000
Crown Prince Haakon is interviewed by the press. Canon 40D, Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L, 1/320s, f7,1, ISO 1000

How does one prepare for a job like this?

As I didn’t really know what to expect of access to the scouts and the royals I thought I had to prepare for everything. I packed two camera bodies. My main, Canon 1D Mark IV, and my backup Canon 40D. Ideally I think the backup camera should have been upgraded, the 40D lacks buffer. It is always irritating to have to wait for the photos to be saved when your out shooting at a job. I had with me three lenses. Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L, Canon 70-200mm F4L and Canon 300mm F2.8L IS. The Canon 24-70mm is my workhorse, suitable for a vide range of subjects and situations. The 300mm is very good at isolating a face in a crowd, due to the shallow depth the 2.8 aperture gives, as well as the superb bookeh this lens creates. The 70-200mm F4L lens I have never really fallen in love with. I do not use this range much really, although the lens is a great one. I keep bringing it with me on travels and assignments without really using it.

In addition I brought with me two Canon Speedlite 580 EX II flashes, as well as a tripod. I see now I could have let the tripod be home. Didn’t use the flashes either, however I should have used it when I shot som close up portraits to remove shade from eyes as the lighting was a bit hard.



Isolating from the crowd done with the Canon 300mm F2.8L IS USM lens. The subject stand out and even if the photo is chaotic it looks less crowded then it is. This is perhaps not the best example, will find better examples for later blog posts.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, Canon EF 300mm F2.8L, 1/800s, f3,5, ISO 500
Canon EOS 40D, Canon EF 300mm F2.8L, 1/800s, f3,5, ISO 500

Here are some photos of the activities. Scouts trowing lifeline, to save someone on the ice.

The princess in red
The princess in red – Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L, 1/60s, f5,6, ISO 100



Photos from this shoot have been published the following places: